The DISENEX + East project was launched in June 2020 with the aim of promoting social entrepreneurship among people with disabilities in the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia. Inspired by the idea of the DISENEX Project, it was supported by the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Germany, and led by a consortium of NGOs from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Ukraine, and Russia.

To encourage individuals with disabilities to create their own social enterprises, the project provided them with an online guide to the national legal framework and national support measures for establishing and developing a social enterprise. Additionally, the project produced motivational videos based on the experiences of social entrepreneurs with disabilities. To meet the special needs of the audience, open learning materials and courses were selected, analyzed and provided.

The project partners included the International Academy of Management and Technology (INTAMT) (Germany), “Agate” Rights Defense Center For Women With Disabilities (Armenia), Association “Anika” (Georgia), “White Cane” (Russia), Space of Equal opportunities – Everland (Russia), Association “MOTIVATIE” (Moldova), “National Assembly of People with Disabilities” NARD (Ukraine), and Inclusion promotion fund «By the owl» (Belarus). DISENEX+East was successfully concluded in December 2021.

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