Guide for not able-bodied persons on developing their own business or consultancy

Learning Unit and Workload

The course is comprised of 6 units focused on:

  • Unit 1: Your road to entrepreneurship
  • Unit 2: Assessing your entrepreneurship
  • Unit 3 Improving your entrepreneurship
  • Unit 4 Finding a mentor or coach
  • Unit 5 A step by step path for setting up a business
  • Unit 6 European landscape

Target Group

People with different kind of disabilities who want to become social entrepreneurs and do not know where to start.

Prerequisites/Necessary background

The course is easy to use and is written in a clear and precise language. Every unit has several exercises to check the understanding of the content. Quizzes are only available for those with a full user account. It does not need an academic background to accomplish.

Target Competencies

  • Hard skills: vision (developing an idea), mobilizing resources (support)
  • Soft skills: self-awareness & self-efficacy, motivation and perseverance, learning through experience

Certification Examination

No certification and examination available.

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